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Farm house Cà del Facco in Crema

Cà del Facco owes its name to the Count Facco, the first owner of the estate, sold at the time to the family Bertesago. Giuseppe, today the owner of the farm, had at the beginning of the years 2000 the idea of renovating the old farm inherited, and to transform it in a farmhouse, restaurant at km 0 and venue for events.
An important renovation work and investment have given life to this dream, inaugurating the location in 2003. A challenge that lasted for years, made of emotions, passion, a hard work and a continuous growth, which has positioned today Cà del Facco among the top locations of the sector.
“It represents for me a quiet place to think, where I get the ideas that are then put in practice so that our customers can appreciate the art of hospitality" tells Giuseppe. "Thanks to a professional and tight-knit team, created over the years, we can finally put into practice the dreams of our guests”.
Cà del Facco is today a structure that offers many services in the field of hospitality: from catering to hospitality, from meetings to didactics. We also have an important project in process to involve the best short distribution chain farms producing gastronomical products typical of the area, which will be present in the menus of our restaurant.
"The best satisfaction that fills my heart with joy - concludes Giuseppe - is to see our group working, motivated and enthusiastic. And understanding that we are able to convey this commitment and dedication to our customers, who fall in love with Cà del Facco and with the experiences that they can have only here".
For our breeding, we use modern fertilisation techniques that allow us to preserve the small sturgeons who, after their first growth at the spawning site, are moved into the floating nets located within our lake, for their further refinement.
Our complete control of this closed chain, plus our understanding of rearing techniques and choice of feed, therefore, make it possible to guarantee our products quality and the very good health of our reared fish, who we subject to rigorous periodic analysis.
Another species we cultivate is carp, Koi carp with beautiful vibrant colours and the common bleak (Alborella); the latter represent an additional quality element in our breeding, for which we have developed innovative and efficient breeding methods.
This aquaculture farm (with floating cages) is located in our 50,000 m2 artificial lake featuring pure groundwater.

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